RMS DropPlot Application

(rev. 25-Apr-00)

RMS DropPlot


The RMS DropPlot application lets you create graphs of RMS II band scan data files by simply dragging and dropping the data files onto the application's Finder icon. You may drag and drop any number of band scan data files onto the DropPlot icon, and the data in those files will be consolidated and then plotted in KaleidaGraph.

System Requirements

CPU:           Any 680x0 or PowerPC Macintosh, PowerBook, or clone
Memory Usage:  1.0MB
Disk Usage:    0.5MB
Network:       none required
OS:            System 7.5 or later, including System 8 or 9

Software Components

Software Installation

  1. Copy the application file "RMS DropPlot" to the Mac's hard disk.
  2. Install KaleidaGraph according to the instructions provided with that application.
  3. Remove (or hide in a StuffIt archive) any older versions of KaleidaGraph.
  4. Make sure you have AppleScript installed and enabled in your System Folder.
  5. Restart your Mac and rebuild the desktop (restart your Mac and then hold down the Option and Command keys just after the row of icons at the bottom of your screen finishes appearing but before the desktop windows appear).