RMS AutoDownloader Application

(rev. 23-Sep-08)

RMS AutoDownloader


The RMS AutoDownloader application lets you schedule automatic downloads of sound files from RMS Player sites and forwards them to designated FTP sites in either SIT or ZIP or TGZ format. It is intended as a tool for automatically fetching and forwarding sounds to remote monitors so that they can rate those sounds using RMS Rater.

System Requirements

CPU:           Any PowerPC Macintosh or PowerBook
Memory Usage:  8.0MB
Disk Usage:    5.0MB
Network:       full-time internet connection required
OS:            System 9.1 or later, with CarbonLib 1.6 or later; or OS X 10.2 or later (10.4 or later to use .tgz)

Software Components

Software Installation

  1. Copy the application file "RMS AutoDownloader " to a folder on the Mac's hard disk.
  2. Copy the "AutoDownloaderSked.txt" file to the same folder that contains the RMS AutoDownloader application.
  3. Install the StuffIt Engine
    • OS 9: Place the StuffIt Engine file into the Extensions folder inside the System Folder.
    • OS X: Place the StuffIt Engine file into the folder "Library/Application Support/". IMPORTANT: If there is already an item "StuffIt Engine.cfm", remove it from the Application Support folder.
  4. Note: AutoDownloader requires that the target Player CGI version be 2.7 or later (3.4 or later if using .tgz). And RMS Web version 4.5 (6-30-2008) or later.

Software Setup

Before you can use the RMS AutoDownloader application, you must first create an AutoDownloaderSked.txt file which specifies your downloading schedule. See Reference B: Data File Formats for information on how to create a schedule file.