Remote Monitoring System hosting

A number of international broadcasting organizations 'host' remote monitoring systems [RMS] for us.

They include:

  • Far East Broadcasting Association [FEBA]
  • Far East Broadcasting Corporation [FEBC]
  • HCJB
  • KTWR
  • WYFR
  • VTMerlin Commuincations
  • Radio Canada International [RCI]
  • Radio New Zealand International [RNZI]
  • Sentech
  • Radio Netherlands
  • Radio Veritas Asia [RVA]
  • Radio Korea International [RKI]
  • Kol Israel [IBA]
  • Christian Vision
  • Radio Bucharest
  • Radio Sweden
  • [RAI]

To host a RMS you need to provide the following:

  1. about 1 cubic foot of table or shelf space for a communications receiver and laptop computer
  2. either 220 or 110 Volts reliable AC power for the radio and laptop
  3. space to mount either a 40 foot wire or 2 meter vertical antenna
  4. dedicated phone line or LAN access to a pre-paid internet email account
  5. a contact person for minor RMS maintenance chores

In exchange we provide:

For further details, send an email to