Monitoring Data
Entry System

The Monitoring Data Entry System provides a portable, user-friendly way of entering and transfering monitoring data and schedule information to/from contract monitors via conventional phone lines and the internet. It was revolutionary when it was conceived in 1993 and it is still the only system of its kind used for broadcast monitoring data entry.

In late 1993 IBB and AllPen Software developed an application for the Apple Newton MessagePad product that facilitated monitoring according to a pre-determined schedule WITHOUT the use of paper forms. At the end of a monitoring week, the data could be retrieved by internet e-mail message or a phone call from Washington or a regional Technical Monitoring Office. The same phone call resulted in the monitor's schedule being automatically updated.

In November 1995 we conducted a week-long meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia with a group of 20 Russian/CIS contract monitors where we distributed the first Newtons.

Here is a picture of some of 'the guys' getting their first look at the Newton and using it to monitor.

In 2001 IBB replaced the Newton-based system with one based on the Palm OS. As the rugged Newtons were gradually phased out they were replaced by Palm units.

In 2016 we have introduced an iPad Rater app to replace Newton and Palm Raters. We've also introduced a RMS iPad Rater that allows our monitors to rate RMS sounds vastly expanding the quantity and quality of our data collection efforts.