BBG programs in the following languages are jammed.

'Click' on the hypertext links [in blue] to hear sound samples
from one of our 70+ remote monitoing systems.

Broadcaster Language Notes Sample Time
As heard in
VOA Amharic 'noise' jamming Click 1857 11695 Addis Ababa
VOA Chinese 'local' Beijing jammer totally covers VOA with 'program jamming' Click 0002 11945 Beijing
VOA Korean weak jamming of MW - shortwave jamming not present or inaudible Click 1702 1566 Seoul
VOA Tibetan Beijing Mandarin program jammer totally covering VOA Tibetan Click 1438 17760 Kathmandu
RFA Korean Weak North Korean jammer noted under RFA Korean Click 2132 7485 Tokyo
RFA Korean MW Grinding jammer and Chinese co-channel station under RFA Korean on medium wave Click 1002 1566 Seoul
RFA Mandarin Beijing Mandarin program jamming totally covering RFA Mandarin Click 0301 17660 Beijing
RFA Tibetan Beijing Mandarin program jammer covering RFA Tibetan Click 0232 17525 Chengdu
RFA Uyghur program jammer behind RFA Uyghur Click 0105 7580 Chengdu
RFA Vietnamese 'fire alarm' jamming Click 1404 11850 Hanoi
Radio Marti Spanish MW [1180kHz] and shortwave Click 1909 11930 San Jose
Radio Farda Persian vicious, wide-band jamming of Mw - no jamming of shortwave Click 1932 1575 Yerevan